Merge pages

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If a page consists of multiple pages (eg. search results) and the URL provides a parameter that defines the page number, then WebSite-Watcher can merge these multiple pages to a single page.


Typical examples of supported URLs:

There are two different ways how pages can be merged

Merge pages with a permanent start page
Use this option if you want to monitor for example the first five pages of a search result.


Merge the latest pages with new content
Use this option if you want to monitor for example new posts in a forum thread that are added to higher page numbers. WebSite-Watcher will then automatically monitor the latest pages which have new postings.


To setup the merge feature, simply start and follow the assistant.

Alternative solution via plugins

You can also write a plugin to automatically merge pages, this will then work also for URLs where the page number is part of the URL/filename and not available as parameter. See example Merge search result pages and Merge pages in forum thread.