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These section can be used to enter some basic RSS/Atom feed configurations.


WebSite-Watcher supports different layouts to convert RSS feeds into a readable HTML page.


Ignore changes in old postings
By default, WebSite-Watcher alerts an update if new or changed postings are found in an RSS feed. If you are only interested in new posts but not in updated articles, then you have to enable this option.


Keep the most recent X articles
By default, WebSite-Watcher shows only the RSS feed items that are really saved in the RSS feed file. Enabling that feature allows you to keep a small archive of older postings in the feed. This feature can also be used when an RSS feed dynamically adds and strips old articles (seen in rare cases).


Ignore articles older than X days
By default, WebSite-Watcher shows all articles that are stored in an RSS feed. If an RSS feed contains thousands of old articles, then the result would be a huge HTML file that would slow down WebSite-Watcher. With that feature you can ignore articles older than the specified number of days to keep RSS feeds small and fast.


RSS item identification
Defines which fields should be used to detect new RSS feed postings. By default, WebSite-Watcher uses an automatic system that can fail under certain circumstances, for example when an RSS feed changes the GUID (=Globally Unique Identifier) regularly for existing postings. In such a case you can select the fields manually which should be used to detect new items. The automatic system should however work in nearly all cases.


Ignore article text
If enabled, WebSite-Watcher will completely ignore and remove the text bodies of articles, you'll only see the fields titles, pubdate, etc.


Blacklist / Whitelist
It's possible to define either a Blacklist or a Whitelist per RSS feed. The Blacklist mode allows you to ignore articles that contain at least one of the specified words. If a blacklisted word is found, WebSite-Watcher will completely remove the article from the list. The Whitelist mode will only monitor articles that contain at least one of the defined words, all other articles are ignored and removed. Enter one word per line. Wildcards and regular expressions with syntax regex(...) are supported.