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Automatically sort changed bookmarks before unchanged bookmarks
If this option is enabled, WebSite-Watcher will sort all changed bookmarks to the top of the list (independently from the sort direction).


Hide bookmarks in "Changed" folder after opening it
A bookmark will be removed automatically from the folder "Changed Bookmarks" as soon as you open it.


Open the next unread bookmark jumps also into the next folder
When opening the next unread bookmark, WebSite-Watcher will automatically jump to the next folder if the selected folder no longer contains changed bookmarks.

Download/Display images

WebSite-Watcher supports different methods to download or display images. Images can be replaced with local grey boxes (fastest method), images can be downloaded from the internet as soon as the page is opened (with absolute image addresses), or images can be downloaded immediately and stored on your local hard disk.


See also:

Display images instead of grey boxes
Highlight images

Predefined settings for new bookmarks

Here you can pre-defined properties which are assigned to new bookmarks. These pre-defined properties can be overridden for each folder (via the folder properties).

Plugins for: PDF/Word/Excel

By default, WebSite-Watcher converts PDF, Word and Excel files into web pages via the integrated Plugin system. In that section you can define the default Plugins which should be used for the conversions.


WebSite-Watcher contains internal conversion routines for these files, no additional tools are required. Alternatively to these internal solutions, WebSite-Watcher can use third party tools to convert these file types. For example, if Microsoft Office 2003 or higher is installed on your system, then you can also use Microsoft Office to convert Word/Excel files (better quality incl. layout, images, etc).