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Tray Icon

The tray icon section lets you define if and when WebSite-Watcher should be displayed in the tray bar.


Always show icon in system tray
If enabled, then WebSite-Watcher is always displayed in the system tray, independently if the application is minimized or not.


Move to system tray when minimizing WebSite-Watcher
WebSite-Watcher is moved to the system tray when the minimize button in the window title bar is pressed.


Move to system tray when closing WebSite-Watcher
WebSite-Watcher will be moved to the system tray when the close button in the window title bar is pressed. In that case you can close WebSite-Watcher only with the menu commands File+Exit or TrayIcon+Exit.


Independently from the Tray Icon configuration, WebSite-Watcher can always be moved to the system tray with the shortcut F8 or the toolbar button ui01a_tray.

Browser Integration

WebSite-Watcher supports different solutions for browser integration, supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi.


WebSite-Watcher button in the title bar of your browser


If WebSite-Watcher is running, a WebSite-Watcher button is displayed in the browser title bar. Clicking that button lets you add the currently opened page to WebSite-Watcher. This requires WebSite-Watcher running, otherwise this type of integration doesn't work. The WebSite-Watcher button can be moved horizontally via a Tweak.


Context menu in Internet Explorer

WebSite-Watcher can directly be integrated into Internet Explorer. WebSite-Watcher must not be running and is started automatically when you want to add the currently opened page to WebSite-Watcher. This type of integration works mainly via the browser context menu.


See also topic Add bookmarks directly from your Browser


WebSite-Watcher App

The WebSite-Watcher app can be used to read changed bookmarks on your smartphone when you're not sitting in front of your PC. Bookmarks will be synchronized when the Phone Mode is turned on.


WebSite-Watcher for Windows must be running and will use your personal Dropbox account to synchronize data between the Windows version and the app. You have to install the Dropbox Client on your PC and allow WebSite-Watcher to save data to your local Dropbox folder by clicking the box "Allow synchronization via Dropbox".


See also topic Phone Mode