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Download/Display images

By default, WebSite-Watcher replaces all images in a page with local, grey boxes. This is the fastest way to check and open bookmarks. Alternatively to the ugly grey boxes you can also download and display the real images of a page.


For each bookmark, the global image configuration can be overridden in the bookmark properties.


See chapter Display images instead of grey boxes for more information.

Don't download images which contain one of the following strings

Enter one entry per line. If an image URL contains one of the entered strings, the image will not be downloaded.





Show embedded flash videos

WebSite-Watcher can optionally show embedded flash videos if absolute image addresses or downloading images is enabled. Showing embedded flash animations makes it comfortable to play such videos (eg. YouTube videos) within the checked page, but it can also slow down the opening process of bookmarks.

Don't show images within filtered content

If enabled, WebSite-Watcher will not download and display images within filtered content. This option only works in combination with Ignore filters, not with Watch filters.