Internal Browser

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Use internal browser
By default, WebSite-Watcher always opens bookmarks in the internal browser (embedded Internet Explorer). If you disable this option, then WebSite-Watcher will open bookmarks in the external default browser.


Always open links in external browser
If enabled, WebSite-Watcher will always open online URLs in your external default browser. Only checked bookmarks (locally saved pages) will be opened within WebSite-Watcher. This option is useful when you have problems with the embedded Internet Explorer, for example when the embedded browser freezes the application with certain pages.


Block popup windows
This feature prevents popup windows which are opened automatically without clicking a link.


Don't show IE messages (for example Javascript errors)
This setting is enabled by default and prevents certain Internet Explorer messages, for example when the embedded Internet Explorer detects Javascript errors in a page. Please note that this setting can also prevent login dialogs when you try to open password protected pages.


Close browser tabs when closing the internal browser
If this option is enabled, WebSite-Watcher will close all opened browser tabs when you close the internal browser. That means that you will see an empty document when you reopen the internal browser.

Tabbed Browsing

Use Tabbed Browsing
Tabbed browsing allows you to display pages in multiple tabs. If you click a link while pressing the Shift Key, the link is opened in a new browser tab. If this option is disabled, links are opened in your default web browser instead of a new browser tab.


Open new tabs in background
If enabled, new tabs are opened in background and the active tab stays selected, otherwise the new tab becomes the active foreground tab. If you open a link with Ctrl+Shift+Click, then the new tab will be opened in foreground if the option "Open new tabs in background" is enabled and vice versa.


Restore last visited browser tabs
If the internal browser is closed with opened browser tabs, WebSite-Watcher can reopen these tabs automatically.