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If you are connected to the internet through a proxy, you have to enter the proxy configuration in that section.


To access certain sites without going through a proxy, you have to enter the domain names of those sites (one entry per line).




FTP Proxy

WebSite-Watcher supports different login types for FTP proxies, you can specify them with numbers from 0 to 8. To determine the correct number for your FTP proxy, simply click the button "Detect Login Type automatically".


Use the FTP-over-HTTP method only if you have to connect through a proxy that doesn't support the FTP protocol.


A typical example where FTP-over-HTTP is required is the proxy solution "Squid". The FTP-over-HTTP method sends a HTTP-like request (GET "") to Squid, Squid connects to the FTP server and gets a file listing. Then Squid converts this file listing into a webpage and returns it to your browser or to WebSite-Watcher.


Disadvantages and limitations:


No direct support for password protected FTP servers or directories. The only solution to monitor a password protected directory is the insecure URL format:
This format is not supported by all proxies, so you have to test yourself if it works.
It's not possible to monitor a single file via directory entry, it's only possible to monitor a whole directory listing (all files in the directory will be listed)
A proxy change or proxy update can cause a false positive


Tip: Use the FTP-over-HTTP method only if direct FTP access is not possible!

Proxy List

The Proxy List section allows you to define further HTTP proxies that can be selected per bookmark (see also chapter Check Options (1)). So it will be possible to monitor different bookmarks with different proxies.