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When a page has been changed, WebSite-Watcher can automatically send e-mails to one or more recipients. In that section you have to enter your mail server configuration.


Smtp Server
SMTP server for outgoing e-mails.


Smtp after Pop
Depended from the server configuration, a POP3 login may be required before you can send e-mails (also called SMTP-after-POP or POP-before-SMTP authentication). If this option is enabled, WebSite-Watcher will only perform a login and a logout to the POP3 server, no mails will be downloaded.


Pop Server
Is only required if you use the Smtp-after-Pop feature.


Regular - Standard login without SSL/TLS
Full SSL - Uses SSL/TLS starting with the first contact to the server. Servers with full SSL/TLS mode usually don't use the standard TCP port (25).
Auto SSL - Uses SSL/TLS only if it is supported by the remote server.


The Template section contains basic e-mail configurations such as name and mail address of the sender or recipient. To enter more than one e-mail address to the Recipient field, you have to separate them with a comma or a blank.




The Subject and Body fields can contain variables which will be replaced with real values when e-mails are sent. The body field is only used when sending e-mails in TEXT format. Supported variables can be found in topic Send e-mails when changes are detected


Max E-Mail Size:

If you send e-mails in HTML format with embedded images, you can limit the max size of the e-mails. WebSite-Watcher will remove images from the e-mail as long as the size larger than the configured max value.


By default, WebSite-Watcher performs a bookmark check run and sends queued e-mails afterwards. That means, that checking bookmarks and sending e-mails must not share available resources.


With the advanced sending rules it is possible to send queued e-mails independently from bookmark check runs. With that option you have more flexibility and e-mails can be sent earlier if you have many bookmarks and a check run takes a long time.


Max. mails per SMTP login

If at least one e-mail exists in the outbox, then WebSite-Watcher will login to the SMTP server and send the queued e-mails (but not more than the max. number of configured e-mails). If there are still queued e-mails in the outbox available, then WebSite-Watcher will wait the configured time between SMTP logins, make a new login and send the next bunch of e-mails. This is repeated until all bookmarks are sent.


Min. time between SMTP logins

Defines the time in seconds between SMTP logins.

Black list

The black list can be used to suppress sending e-mails if the page contains a pre-defined black listed text (eg. "could not connect to database").


Enter one phrase per line. Entries are case-insensitive. Wildcards or regular expressions are not supported.



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