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The Tweaks section allows you to fine tune WebSite-Watcher, to enable special features or workarounds.


The Tweaks section uses the format of ini files but without sections (names between "[" and "]"), simply make one or more entries without specifying a section. Changes in the Tweak section require a restart of WebSite-Watcher to take effect.



With this setting you can horizontally move the WebSite-Watcher button that can be displayed in the browser title bar. nnn is the horizontal value in pixel. A positive value moves the button to the left, a negative value moves the button to the right. This is useful to avoid overlapping when other programs display buttons in the browser toolbar, too.


Define the color (in RGB format) of selected, unfocused folders and bookmarks.
For example, UnfocusedColorRGB=ff0000 displays the unfocused selections in red.



If an URL is entered, WebSite-Watcher tries to access this URL before the first check run. If it is reachable, WebSite-Watcher will use the defined proxy settings (general options), otherwise WebSite-Watcher uses direct internet connection. If you place a "+" (without quotes) before this URL, it is validated with each check, otherwise this URL is only checked once until you restart WebSite-Watcher. This setting is used for the http and https protocol.







WebSite-Watcher checks the entered URL before a bookmark-check run is performed. The checked URL must contain the specified "ValidText" to ensure that this page is really available. If the specified text is not available in the page, a bookmark check run will not be performed. This feature is useful when you use different internet connections (eg. at different locations) and want to ensure that WebSite-Watcher can connect to the internet. If you place a "+" (without quotes) before this URL, it is validated with each check, otherwise this URL is only checked once until you restart WebSite-Watcher.



PerformCheckOnlyIfUrlExists=;Advanced Search

PerformCheckOnlyIfUrlExists=+;Advanced Search


This example downloads the page and starts a bookmark check only if the page contains the phrase "Advanced Search".


Alternative bookmark double click operation to open the online or new version of a page. Valid values are "web" and "new".


If an "Alternative URL" is entered, then WebSite-Watcher will open the Bookmark URL instead of the "Alternative URL" when you open the online version of the bookmark.


Defines the color of the active browser tab (in RGB format).
For example: BrowserActiveTabColorRGB=f0f0f0


By default, WebSite-Watcher calculates and generates the file with highlighted changes as soon as you open a bookmark. If this option is enabled, then WebSite-Watcher creates the file with highlighted changes immediately while a bookmark is checked. This will speed up opening changed bookmarks, but the check run will consume more memory and resources. It's not recommended to use this tweak if you often re-check changed/unread bookmarks without opening them after each check.
This tweak is an enhancement to the command "Check Folder and Subfolders" (folder context menu) and will automatically show bookmarks in subfolders.


Shows the link depth on the right side of the Follow-Links symbols follow_links follow_links2.


This option can be used to suppress the yellow browser information bar that is displayed when you open an initialized bookmark.


By default, WebSite-Watcher does not save a page to your hard disk when keywords are configured (in "Update-on-Keywords") but none of them is found within new/changed content. With that tweak, a page is also saved to your hard disk when none of the configured keywords is found.


If local directories are checked for changes, WebSite-Watcher uses the modification-date for folders (folders are displayed as changed when files in these folders are changed). If this option is set, then the folder creation-date is used.


If WebSite-Watcher crashes, then the next start will show a dialog to re-open the last opened browser tabs. This tweak suppresses that dialog and don't re-open browser tabs.


If an AutoWatch countdown is active while the system turns into hibernation, WebSite-Watcher will wait at least 15 seconds before the next AutoWatch check is started after the system returns from hibernation. This gives Windows some time to re-establish network connections before the next AutoWatch check run is started after hibernation. Default value is 15 seconds.
Example: MinAutoWatchSecondsAfterHibernation=60


By default, the bookmark action "Send Mail" sends only new articles of an RSS feed. If this tweak is set, then all articles of an RSS feed (as you can see them when opening the bookmark) will be included in the e-mails.


By default, WebSite-Watcher removes help tags for highlighting changes from the e-mails to keep e-mail sizes as small as possible. With that tweak, no tags are removed. This can be useful if you want to post process e-mails and extract changes via these tags (for example wswchange1, wswchange2, etc).


Improves accuracy of the highlight method "Excact". This tweak uses a more exact algorithm to highlight different words in similar paragraphs. This method requires more resources and might work a bit slower. Use it only if the default behavior of the "Excact" method is not accurate enough. When using that tweak, WebSite-Watcher is not able to strike out filtered content.



CSS definition for highlighting found words in the Extended Search.

Default CSS definition is: color:#ff0000;background:#00ff00;

To put a border around the highlighted words, the following line can be used:




Defines the URL format when Newsgroups are opened with the default NewsReader.

Default value is: nntp://{server}/{group}

Another typical format is news:{group} - possible variables are {server}, {port} and {group}.


By default, WebSite-Watcher automatically detects and removes outdated ignore filters. With that tweak you can disable that mechanism but you can get very long ignore filter lists over the years if you only use the filter assistant to create new filters interactively. It's not recommended to disable that system unless you want to maintain your filter definitions manually. Keep in mind that many defined filters need more resources and time to be processed, even if they are outdated.


If a bookmark has the Ignore updates feature configured and a black listed text is found in the page, then (1) WebSite-Watcher will list this bookmark in the error folder and (2) alert an update after the configured number of errors in a row. With that tweak, WebSite-Watcher will ignore the update but not list the bookmark in the error folder nor alert an update after X errors in a row.


If a check reports the message "Warning: whole content filtered (please verify your filter settings)", then this is handled as warning by default. If you enable that tweak, this status message is handled as error (listed in Error folder, the bookmark option "Alert/Actions-on-Error" is performed, etc).


If you insert a bookmark via the webbrowser context menu, WebSite-Watcher usually shows a dialog with name/URL/folder selection. If this tweak is set, bookmarks are silently inserted to the root folder of the opened bookmark list without displaying that dialog. If a bookmark already exists, then the URL is not inserted.


That tweak limits the simultaneous connections of bookmarks with the checking method "Internet Explorer/Browser" to 1 (same behavior as in WebSite-Watcher 2015 and lower). You can use that tweak if simulatenaous connections with the checking method "IE/Browser" cause problems on your system.



Shows the static text "WebSite-Watcher" as tray icon hint (tooltip) instead of a dynamically generated info about the current check/update status.



Optimized user interface for blind users.