Virtual folder properties

Virtual folder properties

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Virtual folders contain only bookmarks that meet certain criteria which can be defined in the virtual folder dialog.

Process bookmarks in folders

For each Virtual Folder you can select the folders that should be processed. Default is to process all folders, alternatively you can only select specific folders.


To get a bookmark listed in a Virtual Folder, entered rules must be met.


A bookmark is listed in a virtual folder, if an update has found and at least one of the entered keywords is available within new/changed content. If keywords are found, then it's possible to also run additional actions, for example to send an e-mail or to archive a page permanently to Local Website Archive.
Beside searching in new/changed content, WebSite-Watcher also searches keywords in the following elements: bookmark name, bookmark URL, in the TITLE tag of the page and in the META tags keywords and description.
WebSite-Watcher only searches for words/phrases, wildcards and regular expressions are not supported.
2.Advanced Rules
A bookmark is listed in a virtual folder if the configured rules are met. If only advanced rules are configured (without any keywords defined), then it's not possible to perform additional actions from the "Actions" tab.
3.Combination: Keywords AND Advanced Rules
If keywords AND advanced rules are entered, then both criteria must be met to get a bookmark listed.


If you add or change advanced rules, then the changes are applied immediately and the virtual folder is re-filled with matching bookmarks. Changes in the keywords configuration cannot be applied immediately and are only processed during a bookmark check. To process changes in the keywords configuration immediately, right click a virtual folder and run the command "Re-process virtual folders".


If entered keywords are found within new/changed content, Website-Watcher is able to run additional actions similar to the Actions available in the bookmark properties. Find a full description of these actions in topic Bookmark Actions.