Using Local Website Archive

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WebSite-Watcher stores the last two version of a web page. If you want to archive a page permanently for future reference, you can use our tool Local Website Archive (LWA). Local Website Archive can be used as WebSite-Watcher add-on and/or as stand alone solution to archive web pages from your browser.


There are different ways how WebSite-Watcher and Local Website Archive can work together.


1. Archive pages manually

As it is possible in your web browser (eg. Internet Explorer or Firefox), you can archive web pages from the internal WebSite-Watcher browser to Local Website Archive. If you have enabled Internet Explorer integration (in LWA), you can do this via the context menu. Alternatively you can use "Page + Add to Local Website Archive...".




2. Archive pages automatically

Updated pages can automatically be archived to Local Website Archive via the bookmark actions. Once an update has been detected, you can either archive the page with highlighted changes or the new version of the page.




3. Open archived pages

If you work with the automatic method from #2, you can open the archived pages from various places:


Bookmark properties
Bookmark context menu
Clicking the "Version" button in the browser toolbar
Via a shortcut that can be configured in Options + Shortcuts




This will open an extra window with all archived pages of the selected/opened bookmark.